Incomplete docker image removal?

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Hi - I was trying to upgrade two docker containers (binhex/arch-madsonic and needo/plex). I used the unraid gui to stop the containers and remove the images before pulling in the new images. I am uncertain what happened since removal of the images seems to have stalled for a long time (> 30 mins). The page output was blank, I closed the window. I now see that the images seem corrupted and unable to remove them from command line as well.


Copied below is a screenshot from the gui for dockers and also codes from the terminals.


root@Tower:/boot# docker images
REPOSITORY                     TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             VIRTUAL SIZE
<none>                         <none>              600f116b71d2        9 weeks ago         1.142 GB
lonix/btsync                   latest              a5a41c440ad3        3 months ago        422.3 MB
gfjardim/logitechmediaserver   latest              9ea52a152291        4 months ago        882.5 MB
gfjardim/crashplan             latest              788c1027ec0e        4 months ago        990 MB
needo/plex                     latest              7513a7c079c8        4 months ago        722.8 MB
smdion/docker-htpcmanager      latest              09054a45505d        5 months ago        526.1 MB
needo/couchpotato              latest              ca69334311ca        6 months ago        530 MB


root@Tower:/boot# docker rmi -f 600f116b71d2
Error response from daemon: No such image: 600f116b71d2
2015/01/14 08:57:10 Error: failed to remove one or more images
root@Tower:/boot# docker rmi -f 7513a7c079c8
Error response from daemon: No such image: 7513a7c079c8
2015/01/14 08:57:22 Error: failed to remove one or more images


root@Tower:/boot# docker rmi needo/plex
Error response from daemon: No such image: needo/plex
2015/01/14 09:05:58 Error: failed to remove one or more images


How do I remove these two containers so I can pull in updated versions?


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Thought I would add what I did when a container caused the docker webGUI to not show the control popup (start|stop|remove,etc)


In shell ran:


docker ps -a


Find the docker PID you want to kill or remove. Let's say mine is: 893bdeff01aa


docker kill  893bdeff01aa


docker rm 893bdeff01aa


Done. webGui should work with offending docker removed.


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