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So I have found a couple workarounds for my unraid folding@home issues which I will document.  After I finally managed to get the docker working It kept grabbing my cpu as well as my GPU.  Didn't matter what I did it would always grab both even with CPU removed.  By sheer accident I had removed cpu and then cleared my history and voila.  Gpu only mining.  Whenever I get a web control error and it doesn't update I simply clear my history from the last hour and the web control works again.  An observation under unraid docker is that it uses 100% of one core in the docker and thats just how it works under unraid.  I did observe that setting folding@home to a hyperthreaded core only showed no PPD loss leaving the actual core untouched.  I have noticed no PPD drops using my 1070 over several days.  


One final trick if you can get a VM working on your machine with a passedthrough Nvidia card, installing Folding@home through the VM in windows leaves a negligable performance penalty.  This is offset by the fact that under windows,  you can have a single core system and it still won't use all of the core. If you're using your vm all the time then just install folding@home there and continue on your day.   So if you're struggling to get folding, I present a couple options for you.  Also of note if you're  a crypto miner,  you can mine under a VM just fine.  Some mining programs don't like virtualization, but those aren't the good ones to use anyways.    


All tests were run on a ryzen 2600 and 16G of ram with unraid 6.8.3.  VM was set up using SpaceInvader Ones tutorial


I hope this helps.  

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