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Granted I am using UNRAID 6.8.3 with UNRAID NVidia, but I am using this plugin and it seems to be working fine, however, there is always this at the bottom of my screen.  Any ideas how to get this to go away?
Could this be because this plugin isnt supported for my version of unraid?  Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.
That's a different plugin. It's libvirt wake on lan. It's for waking up vm's.
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Wake on Lan for unRAID 6.1   1. Copy the plugin url:   https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dmacias72/unRAID-WOL/master/plugin/wakeonlan.plg     2. Paste url into install p

No, that would be nice but there's no package manager for Unraid or slackware really. I updated the plugin to use nmap 7.70 for Unraid 6.7+.

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I've noticed that some plugins appear automatically in the scheduler pane (ssd trim, speedtest etc).   Any chance WOL can be included there?  It would be handy to wake a backup server on schedule.


I realize this can be done with scripts, but it would be more convenient with the plugin.

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Is there a way to make this automatic via script and run when the unRaid server itself woke up? or maybe bind it to a keyboard shortcut key?





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Just installed this and it works great, thank you!


A bit of feedback: It's not very intuitive on how to trigger the WOL once you save a new item.


Also, the defaults values of adding a new item are confusing and it's not clear they are editable fields as clicking them does nothing initially.

Defaulting to one of the fields (Mac ideally) in edit mode when clicking "new" would make that more obvious. Also I'm not fully sure why you ask for the IP address along with mac address. If it has an IP address, doesn't that mean it's already awake or maybe there is more functionality I don't understand about WOL to an awake device.

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Hi .... can someone 'educate' me as to why the wakeonlan package installs itself at every reboot? On cheking my syslogs following a strange crash this evening and finding wakeonlan and assocaited modules as the first entries in the log following the crash i then checked back to see genuine reloads and it seems to be being installed at every reboot, just wondering why and trying to undesratnd the reasons for my crash. Anyone any ideas?

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