ASRock X99 Extreme11 (18 SATA PORTS)

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Looks nice but ~650€ over here...

Probably makes up the cost if you can replace multiple machines by running thin clients in VM's.

But I'm not sure if it's worth the effort to have multiple users depending on one piece of hardware.


They should have provided a proper fan instead of that eggbeater.


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... If it works without issues, it just reduced the cost of ownership of a large array!


Very nice board ... but it certainly does NOT reduce the cost of ownership !!


For starters, the board is over $600 ($589.99 at the moment at Newegg after a $40 rebate).    It requires DDR4 memory, and ideally you should buy registered ECC modules and a Xeon E5 series CPU for it.  You could easily spend over $2000 just for the motherboard/CPU/memory ... and a LOT more if you wanted a 14 or 18 core Xeon (e.g. a 14-core E5-2697 is $2769.99 just for the CPU).


I don't think there's any doubt it would work ... and work VERY well => but reducing the cost of ownership is NOT one of its characteristics  :) :)


[Even with an i7 and unbuffered RAM you'd still be well over $1000 for the board/CPU/memory]


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