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UPS Support 6.0-beta14b

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I just wanted to pass on some kudos...the UPS support that is in 6.0-beta14b is excellent and was a much needed feature, at least for me, given how I rely so much on my unraid server.  I purchased a new APC UPS and everything worked perfectly right out of the box! I think that is a huge deal. Typically no matter what I get anymore...it requires some sort of "messing around with" to get it working as expected...even if it's a toaster! The model I got is an APC Back-UPS RS 1500G. I really like it mainly because I haven't had to do a thing to it and it works perfectly with unraid. I used the link that is on the UPS page (http://apcupsd.org/manual/manual.html) in the unraid interface and performed several of the tests to confirm that everything is as it should be and it all checked out. I have all of my networking gear hooked into it...unraid server, special purpose linux server, dedicated router, cable modem, 24 port gigabit switch, wireless access point. So, all that sensitive gear has some protection as well as we will still have Internet access for a while if power goes out. I attached the UPS Status page from unraid if you are interested...it will probably answer any questions you might be thinking about. Can't wait to get the final release of 6.0!


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