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From my perspective ... If you're going to wipe the filesystem on the cache drive, you might as well just switch to XFS away from BTRFS and be done with these headaches.


Nah, not necessary.

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OK, gave it another bash and will see how I get on this time with KVM with nocow .img files.


btrfs check all clean at the moment and no syslog messages.

Check or scrub?  If scrub is all clean, that is a good sign. Starting with a clean/fresh state. Thank you for going through all this. Want to see if your issue was just a fluke or something more serious.

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scrub status for fa87e6cd-43f5-444d-8544-e0e8adda79bb

scrub started at Sun May  3 13:57:24 2015 and finished after 212 seconds

total bytes scrubbed: 80.05GiB with 0 errors

So far so good!

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Seeing the way LT communicates with its users (see announcement thread for rc1 2 3, might be 4 by the time I'm done), I really don't feel like either testing nor providing feedback. I know, doesn't add to the conversation but it might be important to understand why people chose not to participate. I'll be happily using the final version once it's out for 2 weeks without problems.

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I see your point but the changes between rcs 1, 2 and 3 were very small. The rcs are all about bug fixes and I personally am happy that limetech fixed those bugs quickly (I guess too quickly that it irritated some folks, haha)


EDIT: I also wanted to say that limetech has been doing a much much better job at communicating these days. Jonp was a breath of fresh air, and it seems he rubbed off on Tom as well. He's been pretty active himself lately.

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