Upgrade parity drive without rebuild

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Actually  I have 6TB drive Parity.


I want to change this drive to 8TB drive without rebuild parity because One of the data drive(2TB) is dying



What i want:


Change 6TB to 8 TB parity (Without need to rebuild)


Change 2TB(dying data drive) to 6TB(old parity drive)


How you can see. I want to rebuild + upgrade  array.


is there  any tutorial or something to duplicate parity drive from my 6TB to 8TB drive?


Thanks for everything guys!



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seems easy.

I'm going to buy the new Seagate ST8000AS0002 8TB to replace my 6TB parity drive.



In This process, unraid will do preclear process like when you add a new data disk? or I need to do manually the preclear?


I will report you the result of the process.


Thanks guys.


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There's no clearing needed for a parity drive.


unRAId never does a  pre-clear => is CLEARS a new data drive when you add one to a protected array ... a process that takes many hours and the array is not available during this time.  The pre-clear utility runs outside of UnlRAID, and allows you to then add the drive almost instantly to the array [it will still require formatting, but this is (a) quick .... just minutes; and (b) does not impact the availability of the array.


The pre-clear utility servers another purpose, however => it's a good test of the drive to ensure there are no "infant mortality" issues.  It's a good idea to run a cycle or two on a new drive to check this, whether or not you need it to actually be cleared.  Alternatively, you could use WD's Data Lifeguard or Seagate's SeaTools utilities to test the drive, which you could do on a Windows PC if that's more convenient.    Note that any of these tests will take a LONG time on an 8TB drive (several days).


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