[REQUEST] File Versioning (Solved)

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FIrst I want to say, Thank you for this community. I'm proud to be part of this big community.


My Girlfriend need something like subversion but without client app.

If I Have a file  abc.zip (version 0)

and I'm replace with abc.zip(version 1) 2 days after.


I want the posibility to recover the file (version 0) but without needed to commit or pull/push nothing with extern app like svn/git...


Synology Have app  named "time machine". Something like that she needs.


Do you know if exist any app that  we can use to it porpuse?


Thanks guys!


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Generically? filesystem snapshots. Which unraid doesn't support - but might be an interesting thing to happen in the future with continued btrfs support.


Specifically - just implement a backup regime. Then you need do nothing except restore the file if necessary.


This goes against your requirement of having to do anything at all - but that's unavoidable even in the case of snapshots.


So in the context of unraid and docker containers I'd recommend crashplan.

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Solved using crashPlan docker.


Crashplan have the hability to backup to some diferent places.


Crashplan central cloud(default)

And other of your computers(running crashplan too)

and a folder of the same computer

and a camputer of one of your friends(running crashplan too)


I solved telling to crashplan backup to crashplan central and a backup folder of the same computer(this share is on a hdd out of the array using SNAP plugin).


Now I Have security of crashplan cloud and recover speed from my internal HDD(yes crashplan recovery is extrem very slow, if you want to recover 1gbps.. you need to wait perfectly 2 o 3hours)

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