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I would use it to back-up Windows VM's using Windows Back-up.. Got like 15 Servers waiting for LT to implement this.. or even a trial testign version, so i could test this at home, before implementing in a live business network with over 150 users.. Iscsi is like the last thing needed in my eyes..

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On 2/1/2019 at 10:23 PM, alfredo_2020 said:

I would use isci for attaching a drive to my mac so that i can move my photos library off the small internal SSD to the isci Target. Right now photos only allows the library to run off attached drives (internal or external is OK) but you can't runt he library from a nas drive.  

I would really like this as an option as well

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+1 for iSCSI.

Have you considered just compiling it into the kernel, and letting the community create dockers for it? This would give you some idea of how it would be used in the real world, and how used it would be.

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+1 for this.  I have Starwind and HPE MSAs for production data.  Would love to get a couple of Unraid servers at different facilities and use them as archival/off-site backup storage w/ commodity drives.  While I don't think I would ever run Unraid in ENT Production, it has its place in my environment at work.

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I'd love this so I could put my steam library on unRAID and access over 10gbe.


Won't work on a network share as some things need to be run as admin.

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