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On 2/1/2019 at 10:23 PM, alfredo_2020 said:

I would use isci for attaching a drive to my mac so that i can move my photos library off the small internal SSD to the isci Target. Right now photos only allows the library to run off attached drives (internal or external is OK) but you can't runt he library from a nas drive.  

I would really like this as an option as well

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+1 for this.  I have Starwind and HPE MSAs for production data.  Would love to get a couple of Unraid servers at different facilities and use them as archival/off-site backup storage w/ commodity drives.  While I don't think I would ever run Unraid in ENT Production, it has its place in my environment at work.

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Not bonienl, but I'm pretty sure there are much bigger fish to fry at the moment. The complications of trying to mix iSCSI with fuse and user shares means this is likely not going to happen any time soon, maybe never.
Maybe we need to switch all over to freenas then.. they have iSCSI built in iSCSI is, as you can read yourself, needed in every NAS.. a lot of small to medium businesses can/could use this..
And mix it with user shares, if iSCSI would be an option, i wouldn't have any problems with the shares..

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58 minutes ago, bonienl said:
Any information about how to configure (set up) this on FreeNAS and Windows?

If you want, i can dedicate some time help testing etc.

EDIT: If i can read correctly, is seems to be based on a dedicated disk, of a "file" that is the target. So, if that is correct, we could do the same on unraid, use a "file" as the target, which is on the array. 

Or do i see this too easy?

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