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need to pull my HD out and hook to USB and pull data


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hey guys, so it was 2 years ago and i installed my first unraid system it was slow but all i wanted was my media stored....well i wanted a plug and play access from anywhere system and found Synolgy to be better for what i need.


Just 6 months ago my main PC that i used to set up unraid tokk a dump and i had my laptop on the same network but it wont see my unraid system, before i would log into the PC and active the Unraid then use my laptop BUT cant do that, so im going away from unraid and into something simplified.


I have too much going on already and travel allot, need the readability of accessing from anywhere....not having to power up my PC from home first then my laptop.


My main question is can i pull the HD's out and abstract my data or no ? now when i would always back up it would back up on 1 of 2 disks first no 50 50 

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