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What will "break" is during an update to the container if the template also has changes then the update process will not pick up any changes.  Since template updates are rare this isn't a huge deal


Fix Common Problems will complain and inform everyone that the URL has changed and will prompt the installed user base to click a button to automatically update the URL (which fixes the above)

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On 2/20/2020 at 4:43 PM, Squid said:

Regarding <TemplateURL>


If having this entry populated with the URL causes problems for you, then going forward (as of Feb 21) maintainers can manually edit the appropriate xml in their repositories and either change the existing entry or add in



If the appfeed sees false in that entry, then it will not populate it automatically with the URL of your template.  This has the result of if a user deletes a variable, then on the next container update dockerMan will not re-add that variable back into their template.


This is a manual only edit, and cannot be done via dockerMan's GUI.   If any one starts bugging you about FCP complaining about a missing template URL via FCP, then tell your users to simply ignore that error.


Note that any of your users will also either have to reinstall the app from scratch or manually edit their user template to get rid of the existing entry.





In reference to a github issue I raised, specific to the linuxserver homeassistant docker Github Comment, upon updating homeassistant, multiple mandatory path/to/device fields populate and cause the container to fail to start until I manually delete them. 


Initially, the dev instructed that I get Docker into author mode and delete the TemplateURL, but then discovered the existence of this thread and the end of TemplateURL in author mode. However, they state that the template sync is turned off on their end. Is there anything I can do on my end to remedy this? I apologize if this needs to be posted elsewhere. 

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Just a note regarding template updates.


Since Unraid 6.2, the OS has automatically updated templates to always reflect the currently available version.  (IE: It will add in any missing path, port, variables that the user's template does not have).


This was done on the theory that a new update to the container may also require any missing new entries.  This behaviour has been troublesome for certain templates and how some users configure their systems.  A flag to indicate to the OS to not update the templates has been in place to avoid this:



Starting however with the release of Unraid 6.10-rc3+ the system will no longer automatically update user's templates.  Effectively this means that should you issue an update to the container which requires an update to the template you will need communicate this to the users via your support venues.  


Currently, CA (and FCP) will still ensure that the templates are still being updated on versions of the OS < 6.10.  If this change in the OS proves to lessen support requests to the maintainers, then CA and FCP will be modified to prevent those legacy versions of the OS from also updating the templates.


IE: If you were using the above flag to signal to the system to not update the templates, you should continue to do so.

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On 1/20/2022 at 8:18 AM, Squid said:

Starting however with the release of Unraid 6.10-rc3+ the system will no longer automatically update user's templates.


Are you aware of the reasoning behind this change in 6.10?  Why don't we continue let the maintainer chooses if its templates should be automatically updated or not?  I find this update mechanism very useful to provide fixes, enhancements and additions to the template.


Personally, I think I had only 1 reported issue related to the automatic template update.  So I don't think that stopping template updates would reduce the number of support requests.  This will probably increase it!


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