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unRaid Upgrade - bit of SAS advice


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Hi - my unRaid box is about 6 years old and starting to show it.  It's currently got 14 SATA drives in plugged into a motherboard and 8-port SATA card.  With unRaid 6 nearing release, I'd like to make use of the docker and VM features, enabling me to shut down an app server.  Basically a rebuild.


I'm looking at this case http://www.xcase.co.uk/4u-rackmount-server-cases/x-case-rm-424-ex-gen-ii-24-hotswap-bays-usb3-120mm-fans-rails-port-expander-backplane-sgpio-389-00-x-case.html which, to me, looks like an ideal unRaid case.  USB on the front, space for 2 internal SSD drives and 24 bays.


It has a SAS expander built in meaning you can access all drives from 1 or 2 SAS ports (2 preferable for better speed).


Question - what would I need to plug into that?  A motherboard with SAS on?  A 4/8 port HBA card?  A regular SAS card (like the Supermicro AOC-SAS2LP-MV8)?  And I guess, is it likely to be OK with unRaid?


Note that they also do a cheaper version of this case without the SAS Expander which just has 6 SAS ports on a backplane - I'm guessing three Supermicro cards could sort that.


If I'm moving my apps over to this, I'll need some expansion ports free for TV tuners, so I'd prefer not using too many ports for the drives, if possible.  I'm not too worried about speed implications if I'm running all drives through a couple of ports - I can live with a hit on parity checking and rebuilding if need be.


Apologies, but I'm a bit rusty on this - I'm quite keen though to get rid of a nest of SATA cables if I can.

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