What is graphical card doing?

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It seems to me rather strange that it looks like graphic card in UNRAID box is kept very busy. I don't even have attached any monitor to the box, but tried two different graphic cards and both of them are extremely hot when UNRAID is booted. Current one is only passively cooled and it is so hot when the box is running that I can't even keep my hand on its passive cooler. It is extremely low spec 2D card so it should be cold during normal usage, but it seems that something in UNRAID keep her busy. Have no idea what and why.



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So hook up a monitor and see what is on the screen...


Tried that. As expected there is nothing really happening on the screen, but my graphic card is burning hot anyway.




Just check my two systems which are quite similiar.  The Media Server uses an on-board GPU and the Test Bed Server uses a descrete PCI card that I got for $10US (New) when I got the MB.  Since both servers have a UPS on them, I checked the power consumption (using the information from the UPs plugin in the GUI) when the drives were all spun down. 


The  power draw of the Test Bed Server is 16 watts more the Media Server.  Sixteen watts can get things rather warm.  (My soldering station is only thirty watts!)  I would suspect that there is nothing unusual going on with your system..

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When I pulled the gaming style PCIex graphics card out of my server and replaced it with a simple PCI graphics card I dropped my idle power usage by 10-12 watts.  Like Frank says - that's enough to make things hot.  Some of the higher end cards run pretty hot just because you plugged them in, and then run really hot when you start using them for 3D graphics.

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I am having the same issue - the graphics card is running extremely hot (I have tried two different cards) Did you resolve this issue?

I've seen this situation recently in a normal desktop computer while installing Windows 10. Fairly low end video card. But I had the case open while I was installing and felt the graphics card and it was very very hot. But once Windows was loaded I'd assume the power saving features kicked in and it went to a normal cool to the touch.


I've seen this happen many times to a CPU while in DOS mode while I'm guessing power saving features aren't enabled. So maybe that's the case with a certain type of graphics card while in Linux.

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