Lost all Sonarr/SABNZBD settings


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Hi. I rebooted my setup last night to try and weed out problems i've been having with network speeds. I used the reboot command in telnet to do this (is this the best way to cleanly and properly reboot?). After it restarted I seem to have lost all my Sonarr settings (TV shows, indexers, download qualities, profiles etc) and I had to run the SABNZBD quick start wizard again (once I did this though it showed me my history but I had to change all the settings again). NZBMegasearch (plugin) seems to be working without loosing any settings tho. I have both SAB and Sonarr setup using docker and running from my cache drive :



/config  /mnt/cache/sonarr/

/data  /mnt/user/media/Movies/

/media  /mnt/user/media/TV/



/config  /mnt/cache/sabnzbd

/downloads  /mnt/user/media/Movies/

/tv  /mnt/user/media/TV/

/movies  /mnt/user/media/Movies/


Im scratching my head as to why I lost these settings, as long as I've been using unRAID I still consider myself a relative noob. Is something wrong with my cache drive (using btrfs file system) or am I being a total idiot? Most likely an idiot im guessing.


I've had a look at my syslog but nothing jumped out at me, but what would i know eh!!? I've upload the syslog to pastebin.


Thanks for your help guys!



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On a side note, i've also been trying to setup SAB again. I keep getting the error message, Invalid server address even though nothing has changed in the settings! When trying to add my TV shows again (by using import series from disk) I get the error message :


There Was An Error Searching For 'XXXXXX'.

If the series title contains non-alphanumeric characters try removing them, otherwise try your search again later.


I can't help but feel that all this is related somehow.

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Are your sonarr and sabnzbd user shares defined as cache only? If not, that could be one explanation for the loss in settings.  The recommended approach is to make an appdata cache only share and have seperate config folders for each application (this is the default in most dockers).  Otherwise, you'll have to define cache only users shares for each application.

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Thanks for the reply!


I had a look in my shares there, both Sonarr and SAB have yellow triangles next to them. When I try to change each of them to change the setting "use cache disk" from no to yes or only it always reverts back to no. Mmmm

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