[support] MakeMKV-RDP container Deprecated

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No problem with playback or encoding. Only problem is that if you want to change the file as another user than root, you will not be allowed.

There is an easy solution to the problem and that is to run the new permission tool and choose the disk you save the MKV files on.

You'll find it under Tools in the unRaid webgui.

Excellent - thanks for your work on this!!! My last hangup with getting rid of ESXi setup was how to rip BDs. Everything else was already Docker-able. :)

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What did I set up wrong? I set my export/save location in the Docker settings to a folder on my array but when I choose the location within MakeMKV it's showing something completely different. Also, it said there were only 5070mb available but my array should have 5+TB free.


Sorry for my noob questions - this is my first Docker install & setup :)


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You are almost there….! The folder you are looking for is unRaid. That folder is mapped to your folder Q located in the share called Other. So just browse for the unRaid folder in the MakeMKV file dialogue.

That was it! I didn't think I had access to that folder but it turns out the UP arrow took me straight there. Thanks for your help! I'm ripping a test BD right now :)

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I noticed the MakeMKV site has been down for around 5 days - is this a concern as far as updating the key? Do we even need to? (I noticed the Docker version tells you the eval is up but doesn't stop you).

Probably he just forgot to re-register the domain. :)

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Seems like the issue resides on my hardware and not unRiad version.

Need more investigating into maybe the powers supply I'm using for my server.

The DVD on SATA port works OK with 6.0.1 on a different server but when the same 6.0.1 USB stick is being used on my main server it still locks at the same screen.


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