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Celebrating the new refresh design of our beloved Unraid.

Its a Jimmy Banner Bonanza!  Enjoy!    

Since I have been playing with banners lately, here are a bunch of 1920x90 scenery banners I have created.  Most look better with white theme but some work with the black theme as well.    E

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5 minutes ago, cbr600ds2 said:

Can you do like a cherry blossom banner for me? 

Sure... I’ll be happy to take a stab at it tomorrow; if I can distract the Mrs. for a few minutes I’ll start on it tonight :)

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27 minutes ago, cbr600ds2 said:

much appreciated!

Take a look and see if these will work (my blank templates are offline at the moment, so the size may not be correct)





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2 minutes ago, cbr600ds2 said:

You sir are a gentleman.  Thanks! 

Cool! I know at some point after v6.5 or so, the banner format has changed so this one might be limited in its ability to scale. Anyways, I hope it works out.

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I'm not sure this is the right place for this...

My banner has suddenly stopped displaying correctly. I found an old reddit post about someone with the same problem but it did not have a fix :


Edit : Started working again... I did not do anything. Don't know what happened


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Any Rick and Morty fans out there... here is a 1920x90 option. It works great with white text. I'll be adding an animated Rick and Morty themed banner within the next week or so.


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Here is an animated 1920x90 Rick and Morty Banner (Bottom Image). It is a 15s hold on the static banners with a portal warp in between. I've also included the static banners if those look more interesting to you.









One more "real" animation of Rick and Morty walking through a portal on the moon... There is a 6-9 second delay on the first frame. It is too quick of an animation to keep running non-stop. I've included the .gif version so you can preview without clicking the image.





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