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Why Can't I Post New Topics In Here?

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This forum is for Community Developers to be able to post new support threads for their repos or containers that are templatized for use with unRAID.  To gain access to post here, you simply need to PM me and Squid with a link to your template repository on github.  Squid can add your repo / apps to the sticky thread here with all the others and I can add you to the Community Developers group.


Note:  While only Community Developers can create new topics here, all users can reply to them.




1)  You earn the status of Community Developer by not only creating containers/integrating them with CA, but by showing your commitment to providing support for them.


2)  You can create a post for support for your container anywhere and then simply PM a moderator to move it to the docker containers forum.


3)  After sufficient time contributing, you can request official Community Developer status by PMing Squid and I.  If he approves, I will add you.

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Also note:  If you do have a question about a specific docker, this is the right forum to use. You just need to find the thread for the docker you have a question about and post it there.

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