[SOLVED]Upgraded my other pc to Win 10 - now unraid syslog full of errors


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I have 2 pc's that I upgraded to Windows 10.  They work fine and so does my Unraid server. 


However, the syslog is getting hammered with these errors,


Aug 23 16:04:32 Tower avahi-daemon[3751]: Invalid response packet from host <pc ip address>


I had no errors before upgrading and I have reviewed the network settings and do not see any issues.


It seems Unraid does not like Windows 10 pc's on the same LAN.


My unraid seems to be working fine, except for these errors.


Any ideas?

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Ignore them or upgrade I think are your options.

not an option for me to upgrade.

but fixed it by myself, created rsyslog filter, found some examples on internet, not sure it's a correct way but no more tons of messages..


Why don't you post how so you can help others that may want to do the same?  ;)

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Why don't you post how so you can help others that may want to do the same?  ;)


Here you go, please correct me if needed:

- first i created a new file avahi.conf (name is not important) in /etc/rsyslog.d with one line in it:

:syslogtag, contains, "avahi-daemon" ~

- then restart rsyslogd by /etc/rc.d/rc.rsyslogd restart


and no more messages in syslog from avahi daemon.

as side note, a warning is generated for deprecated rsyslog option "~". if someone can correct me how to use this filter with newer "stop" directive, just let me know :)


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