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Hi guys


I used Tautulli docker for a long time, and it could always connected fine to my PMS.


I managed to get 2 plex servers running on my machine, but now tautulli is messed up.

I have my plexinc docker for my main plex, it's running in host mode, everything is fine.

I have my second LS.io docker for my shared plex server on br0, with a fixed IP address.


I need to run 2 tautulli, I know, but I can only connect to my br0 PMS via WAN IP only, which is changing all the time ofc.

how can i connect my LS.io tautulli to a br0 LSio PMS?

It won't work if I put tautulli in host mode either. Any way I can connect the 2 containers?

(btw I had the same issue when I used the official tautulli docker)


thank you!

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For the last few weeks, I see this in the dashboard:




There was an error communicating with your Plex Server. Check the logs and verify your server connection in the settings.



In settings, the server is verified and the plex token is correct.


There's no errors in the Tat logs.


Any ideas?

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