Add UPS Monitor Delay?


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I've got my Unraid server set up in a room that shares it's breaker with an A/C unit. The power output from this plug has a tendency to drop momentarily whenever the A/C kicks on, and my UPS takes over for a couple of seconds. Nothing bad enough to cause other things like my xbox or old ReadyNAS to turn off, but just enough to upset the UPS.


Problem is, on hot days when the A/C kicks on and off all the time, I get back to the webui for my server and have to close dozens of UPS alerts, even though the UPS was only active for a couple of seconds. Is there a way to implement a delay before issuing a notification that the UPS kicked in? A few seconds is no problem, but anything longer than a minute I want to know about.


I'm running Unraid 6.0.1 and my UPS is an APC Back-UPS CS 500, connected via com port to USB. It's quite old, but works well and will run the server and all the peripherals for 15 minutes or so with no wall connection, so I'd rather not replace it unless I have to.

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