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I am now running 6.1.2, and with a hard drive failure, I noticed the serial numbers for the hard drives are not showing up anymore. Instead I seem to get these weird numbers... that do not correspond to anything on the hard drive physically... I am connecting using two aecera 8 port sata cards. In previous releases I was always able to correlate the hard drive serial number and the drive physically. Has something changed?


Device    Identification

Parity      2001b4d2041407574(SBB) 4TB

Disk1      2001b4d2092112206(SBD) 3TB


I used to see this:

Disk1      PCI-0000;00;1F.2SCSI1:0:0:0:0host12(SBD) ST31000340AS_5QJ036TR


Where the last 8 corresponded to the serial number, and the ST3100xxx is the model of segate in this case...

or Hitachi_ or WDC_serial numbers...


How do I get that view back?




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