My Upgrade conundrum

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So I'm looking to upgrade my current aging Mobo/CPU/RAM to something more powerful.  I have a nice 15bay Supermicro server case that I want to keep using.  I plan on using my current systems guts to build a router/security appliance.  I do have a separate ESX hose that has 2x E5649 CPU's and I would be willing to pillage one if it makes sense in my new build. 


What I want to run on my system:

Plex (multiple transcode sessions), crashpaln, and the usual media applications. 



Current System:

System: Supermicro - C2SEA

CPU: Intel® Celeron® CPU E3300 @ 2.50GHz

Cache: 64 kB, 1024 kB


Supermicro 15 drive case

Currently running plex in on my ESX host and not on Unraid.  I would like to move it to a docker on unraid so I can power off my sex host when not in use for testing.


This is the combo I am looking at:


Xeon E3 CPU


Will the E3 be up to the task and leave me some overhead for future needs?  Otherwise would it make sense to look at another board that supports my E5649?  Or would it make more sense to look at another board cheapest all together and what would I need to hook it up to my Supermicro PSU/Case?





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