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Using mc. Disk to disk is 2.5MB/s. Is this normal?

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Hi! I'm new here.  I just repurposed my HTPC to be an unraid server.  I have new drives but am reusing my old motherboard.  I'm copying my files over and things seem slow.


I'm using midnight commander and am copying over my mame collection.  I'm on the CHDs which are big files so I feel like they should be able to go faster.  MC is reporting that they're getting up to 2.49MB/s and then it just caps out.  My parity is a Seagate NAS drive running at 5900RPM, two of my 3 data drives are also that same model.  My last data drive is my old HTPC drive.  It's a Seagate Barracuda 7200.14.


I'm doing a disk to disk copy (/mnt/disks/<Volume name> to /mnt/disk3/<folder>) where disk3 is my Barracuda drive and the source mounted disk is an old Seagate Barracude 7200.11 1.5TB that, once I get the data off, won't be coming along for the ride.


Is 2.5MB/s a normal speed? I attached a diagnostic if it helps.



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Well I may have solved my own problem.  I shutdown unraid.  Swapped the SATA cables and when I brought it back up I'm now copying at 70MB/sec.  Much better!  Not sure if it was the reboot or the cable swap but either way I'm going to be done in two hours instead of two days now!

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Not fixed!  BUT I noticed that around the time of the slowdown I got this kernel error:

Message from syslogd@nas at Sep 23 21:00:24 ...

kernel:Disabling IRQ #16



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Could be that you're simply running out of memory.  Looks like you got a pfSense VM running, along with a few docker containers, have a least one OOM error from mono (Sonarr?), and a ton of page allocation failures.  All in 4 Gig of ram.

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Hey! You're the one whose sig I stole^H^H^Hcopied.  :D


I didn't have any of that running in an effort to troubleshoot.  I bought 16GB of ram before I started the build but they were DOA (failed memtest, wouldn't boot) New set of sticks will be here Thursday or Friday.  It actually runs pretty well on 4GB even with all my dockers and VM.


So I've searched a bit for the 'Disabling IRQ 16 ' and it appears this is actually somewhat common and appears to go back a ways.  I found this thread where he even mentions speeds dropping to 2.5MB/s which is identical to my issue.  I'm also fairly certain the last time I got the error I'd hit my keyboard to wake the screen which also appears to coincide with other reports.  here, & here & here


I've disconnected my keyboard for now and I will disconnect my monitor (really wanted to get a video card and run Kodi in a VM... Grrr) and run it headless and I'll just be hyper-vigilant for the error and just reboot to clear the system if I see it and eventually I'll get myself a new motherboard that doesn't suck, this one is five years old, but it's still hanging in there.  So far after 3 hours of copying I'm still copying data at 50-70MB/s which is perfect.



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