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I have some problems setting up notifications via Gmail. What ever I try, I get error "Test result: Authorization failed".


Preset service: Gmail

Sending email address:

Mail server:

Mail server port: 465

Use SSL/TLS: Yes


Define a TLS certificate: No

Authentication method: Login


Password: 64 characters (no # in password) - Tried with shorter password and no luck.


Gmail account settings:

Allow less secure apps: On

POP3 and IMAP enabled.


I tried with different e-mail provider and it worked, but I want to use gmail address since I use it in other apps for notifications (in CouchPotato the same mail and same settings works).


Any ideas what am I doing wrong?

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my settings:

gmail with TLS

sending email:

email recipient:

Priority in Header: yes

Email subject: unraid status

mail server:

mail server port: 587

User SSL/TLS: Yes

Define TLS Cert: No

TLS Cert: blank

Auth Method: Login

username: myname

password: mypassword


the username field does not have in it.



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In Logs I get 2 errors:

Sep 26 20:50:56 Alfheimr sSMTP[14849]: Creating SSL connection to host

Sep 26 20:50:56 Alfheimr sSMTP[14849]: SSL connection using ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256

Sep 26 20:50:56 Alfheimr sSMTP[14849]: Authorization failed (535 5.7.8 ft3sm9487967wib.17 - gsmtp)


Sep 26 20:43:18 Alfheimr sSMTP[12839]: Creating SSL connection to host

Sep 26 20:43:18 Alfheimr sSMTP[12839]: SSL connection using ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256

Sep 26 20:43:19 Alfheimr sSMTP[12839]: Authorization failed (534 5.7.14 p20sm9484949wie.5 - gsmtp)


Tried everything in suggested links and no luck.

If I enter wrong password, I get the same error and Log entry is the same.


unRAID version: 6.1.2.

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unRAID upgraded to 6.1.3.


SMTP Settings that I tried:

- 465 + SSL/TLS

- 587 + STARTTLS

- TLS certificate always "No"

- Mail server: always ""

- Authentication method: Login (Username: (tried with mynotificationmail (without + Password: mypassword)

- Authentication method: tried with None (Test result: 530 5.5.1 fz1sm12624287wic.8 - gsmtp) and CRAM-MD5 (Test result: Authorization failed)


Gmail settings:

- Allow less secure apps: On

- POP3 and IMAP: enabled

- 2-Step verification: Off

- unlock Captcha: done


I always get same error: "Test result: Authorization failed"


I created new Gmail account. It works. Same settings as previous account...?  :o



It seems, that there is problem with some characters in password (don't know which). Old password contained characters: (within "") " , + : $ = ' ` . * ? ". New password contain just letters (lower and upper case), numbers and brackets " [ ] { } ( ) < > " and it works.

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I cannot get Gmail notification working with anything I try.


My password are plain letters and numbers. No funny characters. I am on v. 6.1.9 of unRAID.


I do not have 2 step authentication. When I click the link above, Google tells me "The setting you are looking for is not available for your account"


Here are two of the many combinations I have tried:






Any help is greatly appreciated.





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I cannot get Gmail notification working with anything I try.


maybe this:


Found the culprit. I had to change a setting allowing less secure access to my account. While logged into your Gmail account use this link.


I'm going to personally setup a unRAID email account that forwards to my primary account and use it for notifications.

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On 2016-03-10 at 4:51 PM, said:


maybe this:



No help here. Try Google with 2 factor and account without. Test Yahoo mail, no luck. Try same settings the abow member has:


Hm, i succes when I change the settings in IE Explorer instead of Google Chrome. In Chrome the new settings with the app password don't have effect.

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I have got it to work with "less secure apps" ENABLED
However, when that option is enabled, I get signed out of my google accounts every 5-10 minutes automatically.

What is the best way to get this notification working without editing "Less Secure Apps" on google?

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hmm... maybe there's still a problem with wrong authentication method used by unRAID.


before i recognized that, my setup looked like:

email-server was not using SSL/TLS and allowed a bunch of authentication methods, like CRAM-MD5, LOGIN, Kerberos…


after i saw these errors, the setup had changed to this:

email-server was setup to accept TLS, but also non-TLS connections, but i disabled the LOGIN authentication.

nothing else changed (same account, same passwords).


but, because of the now disabled LOGIN authentication method, unRAID server yells "Server didn't like our AUTH LOGIN (504 Authentication method not enabled)" – yeah, right, because i configured you to use CRAM-MD5.


so it was using all the time the "LOGIN" authentication method, despite me setting it to use CRAM-MD5. i've used the "Custom" preset, because i run my own email-server (postfix).

i run this server for years and it cares about quite alot of domains/users. everthing works for everybody, only unRAID seems to misbehave here – it simply doesn't use the choosen authentication method.


the email-server log, when unRAID tries to send email (or me hitting the "Test"-button).


Creating SSL connection to host

SSL connection using DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA
Server didn't like our AUTH LOGIN (504 Authentication method not enabled)

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