16GB installed but only 8GB allocated


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Diagnostics for that session definitely show 8GB of RAM, so I would shut down and open up the case and carefully re-seat each of the RAM cards.  After booting, run the Memtest over night, multiple passes, try and make it fail.  You may either have flaky memory or defective memory slots, or marginally incompatible memory for that board.  Make sure it's set up correctly, right parameters and voltage, no overclocking, ...

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Yes will sure shutdown and run memtest over night, had strange behavior when I try save and exit in bios, it did not wont to warm boot.


Thanks for tip about bios, usually I do check that stuff but this time I totally have forgotten it.

Memory is just bought this week Crucial DDR3 BallistiX Sport 1600MH 2x8GB, unfortunately ECC is not supported on this motherboard else I would go for that.


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