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I'm planning on running steamOS in a VM, but I don't have a pcie graphics or sound card, both are on either the cpu or the motherboard


I tried setting up a VM to pass both through but no options show up when setting it up


Does passthrough not allow for onboard video/sound?


My motherboard: asus h87i-plus

cpu: intel pentium g3220


Eventually I'm planning on purchasing an nvidia pcie graphics card, which I should be able to pass through, but planning on still using onboard sound. If sound doesn't work at this stage, I guess it wouldn't work in the future either?

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I couldnt find anything on the forum regarding motherboard sound


If I were to purchase a gpu with a hdmi output, and I pass that through to the VM, will I automatically get sound via hdmi on the graphics card, without having to explicitly pass through a separate sound card?

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