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Is there a Plugin which monitors power supply rails ?


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Is there a plugin that monitors power rails ?


I already have the Bergware - Dynamix System Stats installed and I'm aware of other Plugins that provide stats, but I've not yet come across anything which monitors power rails.

Whereas my BIOS monitors both temperature and voltages, but I can't get to that info unless I shutdown and jump into BIOS on boot.

So not much help for debugging in real-time

Personally, I have a fan tray which monitors my fans and temperature 24x7 but nothing for monitoring power.

I don't believe I personally actually have a problem with power at the moment. An online calculator tells me I should be pulling about 370W, and I have a much bigger PSU than that, so happy days, but as my load gets closer to the PSU rating it would be good to see/know if there are any bottlenecks or peaks approaching. Or if it starts to become flakey.


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