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I built myself a new server ages ago on V6 and put a cache drive in for the first time (I was using a self mounted apps drive).  I copied all my data over from my old server (now my backup) and installed docker and plugin apps.  Works great.


The only issue I have is a permissions issues.  I've created a .apps folder and put all my docker apps data in separate folders, but I can't edit, or delete or anything on the cache drive.  It says I need permission from nobody to delete a file for example (that using Win 7 in explorer to delete).


If I run the permissions script on the cache drive it fixes it, but anything new downloaded has the new permissions from nobody error.  It's it a little annoying.  The array is fine, and I have no permissions issues with it at all.


Is there a way to fix this permanently?  Seems to be that there's a setting somewhere that's giving new files the wrong permissions on the cache drive only.


Thank you.

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Does no one else have this issue?  First cache drive, and this is driving me crazy.  Maybe it's caused by the docker apps... might look into that.

This is almost certainly caused by a docker app or plugin not setting permissions correctly.  What dockers/plugins are you running that would be downloading files?
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