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I have a problem getting MiniDLNA to work. It's installed and I can see the music files etc but when I try to play them, they just skip from 1 to the next file down the list as if they're missing. Any idea what's wrong? Got same result when trying to play from DLNA client in my LG TV as well as from PC using Media Monkey. Have reinstalled the docker app but still same results.

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Love this docker, super easy to set up. However, I agree, I should be able to disable rescan on restart. I have like a thousand photos, it takes forever. ------------------ To scan from two differ

Thanks, Raidserver, for the reply. I am away for the holiday and will not be back until Tuesday. I will look at it again then. Thanks

i wouldnt be too concerned with folders within the share having spaces, that should be fine, same deal with files

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I am having the same refresh problem, but also not quite...


I initially set it up to share a specific server share, and that all worked OK.


Today I wanted to add another share, so I went ahead and add a new path, and learning the error that you cannot use the same "/media", so tried, even had the docker disappear... Then re-added it, added "/media2" pointing to the other share.  Initially seemed to accept it, but nothing was showing up (or better said, the client side was still showing the old content only, both on the device I was already using as well as trying with another device that never connected to the server before). 


Tried removing that second one, and just leaving the first but changing the path to the new share, and nothing, same result.


I now just chose to delete the docker, and I reinstalled it. On the install setup/config page, I chose the new path. Testing it out, clients still see the old folders/share. WTH??? 😳

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Hi all,


I have installed minidlna and I encounter some problems. I have a larger movie library sorted in directories and after scanning:


- some of the movies do not show up at all
- some show up as empty entries with no name at all

- one directory with movies is shown completely empty


I assume that this happens because of failures during scanning of the media meta  data. I think that the minidlna Server does not handle all errors when try the get the metadata of a file by falling back to use the filename for display as the last option.

Is the project currently under development? Looks like the last updates are some time ago...

Does anybody have similar problems?

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Today my miniDLNA stopped working.  The docker is running and it says I have the latest version.  If you scan for the miniDLNA service, it is no longer broadcasting.  I've tried a Forced Update twice to no avail.


Has anything changed?  I did notice that binhex updated sickchill two days ago, but not sure if they share any files.



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I use MiniDLNA because I don't have an internet connection on the server.

It works very stably, I am very satisfied.

I only have one problem: the sorting of the files in the folders. Each music album that I want to listen to lists the tracks in alphabetical order. Can MiniDLNA sort in the order of the track numbers? All films in the folders are sorted according to the creation date. Can I change the sorting of MiniDLNA?

Thank you so much!

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