[Module Request] i5500_temp for lm-sensors

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I recently got my hands on the S5500WB server motherboard as an upgrade to my unRAID set up:


When I am setting up dynamix-systemtemp I run sensors-detect as per:




using the newest version of sensors-detect from:




I get the following results:


root@Tower:/boot# ./sensors-detect
# sensors-detect revision 6279 (2015-03-30 08:43:30 +0200)
# System: Intel Corporation S5500WB [....................]
# Kernel: 4.1.15-unRAID x86_64
# Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU L5630 @ 2.13GHz (6/44/2)

This program will help you determine which kernel modules you need
to load to use lm_sensors most effectively. It is generally safe
and recommended to accept the default answers to all questions,
unless you know what you're doing.

Some south bridges, CPUs or memory controllers contain embedded sensors.
Do you want to scan for them? This is totally safe. (YES/no):
Silicon Integrated Systems SIS5595...                       No
VIA VT82C686 Integrated Sensors...                          No
VIA VT8231 Integrated Sensors...                            No
AMD K8 thermal sensors...                                   No
AMD Family 10h thermal sensors...                           No
AMD Family 11h thermal sensors...                           No
AMD Family 12h and 14h thermal sensors...                   No
AMD Family 15h thermal sensors...                           No
AMD Family 16h thermal sensors...                           No
AMD Family 15h power sensors...                             No
AMD Family 16h power sensors...                             No
Intel digital thermal sensor...                             Success!
    (driver `coretemp')
Intel AMB FB-DIMM thermal sensor...                         No
Intel 5500/5520/X58 thermal sensor...                       Success!
    (driver `i5500_temp')
VIA C7 thermal sensor...                                    No
VIA Nano thermal sensor...                                  No

Some Super I/O chips contain embedded sensors. We have to write to
standard I/O ports to probe them. This is usually safe.
Do you want to scan for Super I/O sensors? (YES/no):
Probing for Super-I/O at 0x2e/0x2f
Trying family `National Semiconductor/ITE'...               No
Trying family `SMSC'...                                     No
Trying family `VIA/Winbond/Nuvoton/Fintek'...               No
Trying family `ITE'...                                      No
Probing for Super-I/O at 0x4e/0x4f
Trying family `National Semiconductor/ITE'...               No
Trying family `SMSC'...                                     No
Trying family `VIA/Winbond/Nuvoton/Fintek'...               No
Trying family `ITE'...                                      No

Some systems (mainly servers) implement IPMI, a set of common interfaces
through which system health data may be retrieved, amongst other things.
We first try to get the information from SMBIOS. If we don't find it
there, we have to read from arbitrary I/O ports to probe for such
interfaces. This is normally safe. Do you want to scan for IPMI
interfaces? (YES/no):
Found `IPMI BMC KCS' at 0xca2...                            Success!
    (confidence 8, driver `to-be-written')

Some hardware monitoring chips are accessible through the ISA I/O ports.
We have to write to arbitrary I/O ports to probe them. This is usually
safe though. Yes, you do have ISA I/O ports even if you do not have any
ISA slots! Do you want to scan the ISA I/O ports? (YES/no):
Probing for `National Semiconductor LM78' at 0x290...       No
Probing for `National Semiconductor LM79' at 0x290...       No
Probing for `Winbond W83781D' at 0x290...                   No
Probing for `Winbond W83782D' at 0x290...                   No

Lastly, we can probe the I2C/SMBus adapters for connected hardware
monitoring devices. This is the most risky part, and while it works
reasonably well on most systems, it has been reported to cause trouble
on some systems.
Do you want to probe the I2C/SMBus adapters now? (YES/no):
Using driver `i2c-i801' for device 0000:00:1f.3: Intel ICH10

Next adapter: SMBus I801 adapter at 3000 (i2c-0)
Do you want to scan it? (YES/no/selectively):
Client found at address 0x18
Handled by driver `jc42' (already loaded), chip type `jc42'
Client found at address 0x1c
Handled by driver `jc42' (already loaded), chip type `jc42'
Client found at address 0x2e
Probing for `Myson MTP008'...                               No
Probing for `National Semiconductor LM78'...                No
Probing for `National Semiconductor LM79'...                No
Probing for `National Semiconductor LM80'...                No
Probing for `National Semiconductor LM96080'...             No
Probing for `TI / National Semiconductor ADC128D818'...     No
Probing for `National Semiconductor LM85'...                No
Probing for `National Semiconductor LM96000 or PC8374L'...  No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADM1027'...                     No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADT7460 or ADT7463'...          No
Probing for `SMSC EMC6D100 or EMC6D101'...                  No
Probing for `SMSC EMC6D102'...                              No
Probing for `SMSC EMC6D103'...                              No
Probing for `SMSC EMC6D103S or EMC2300'...                  No
Probing for `SMSC EMC6W201'...                              No
Probing for `Winbond WPCD377I'...                           No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADT7467 or ADT7468'...          No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADT7470'...                     No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADT7473'...                     No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADT7475'...                     No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADT7476'...                     No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADT7490'...                     No
Probing for `Andigilog aSC7611'...                          No
Probing for `Andigilog aSC7621'...                          No
Probing for `National Semiconductor LM87'...                No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADM1024'...                     No
Probing for `National Semiconductor LM93'...                No
Probing for `National Semiconductor LM94 or LM96194'...     No
Probing for `Winbond W83781D'...                            No
Probing for `Winbond W83782D'...                            No
Probing for `Winbond W83791D'...                            No
Probing for `Winbond W83792D'...                            No
Probing for `Winbond W83793R/G'...                          No
Probing for `Nuvoton W83795G/ADG'...                        No
Probing for `Nuvoton NCT7802Y'...                           No
Probing for `Nuvoton NCT7904D'...                           No
Probing for `Winbond W83627HF'...                           No
Probing for `Winbond W83627EHF'...                          No
Probing for `Winbond W83627DHG/W83667HG/W83677HG'...        No
Probing for `Asus AS99127F (rev.1)'...                      No
Probing for `Asus AS99127F (rev.2)'...                      No
Probing for `Asus ASB100 Bach'...                           No
Probing for `Winbond W83L786NR/NG/R/G'...                   No
Probing for `Winbond W83L785TS-S'...                        No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADM9240'...                     No
Probing for `Dallas Semiconductor DS1780'...                No
Probing for `National Semiconductor LM81'...                No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADM1026'...                     No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADM1025'...                     No
Probing for `Maxim MAX6639'...                              No
Probing for `Texas Instruments AMC6821'...                  No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADM1029'...                     No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADM1030'...                     No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADM1031'...                     No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADM1022'...                     No
Probing for `Texas Instruments THMC50'...                   No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADM1028'...                     No
Probing for `Texas Instruments THMC51'...                   No
Probing for `ITE IT8712F'...                                No
Probing for `SMSC DME1737'...                               No
Probing for `SMSC SCH5027D-NW'...                           No
Probing for `SMSC EMC2103'...                               No
Probing for `Fintek F75373S/SG'...                          No
Probing for `Fintek F75375S/SP'...                          No
Probing for `Fintek F75387SG/RG'...                         No
Probing for `Winbond W83791SD'...                           No
Client found at address 0x50
Probing for `Analog Devices ADM1033'...                     No
Probing for `Analog Devices ADM1034'...                     No
Probing for `SPD EEPROM'...                                 Yes
    (confidence 8, not a hardware monitoring chip)
Probing for `EDID EEPROM'...                                No

Now follows a summary of the probes I have just done.
Just press ENTER to continue:

Driver `to-be-written':
  * ISA bus, address 0xca2
    Chip `IPMI BMC KCS' (confidence: 

Driver `i5500_temp':
  * Chip `Intel 5500/5520/X58 thermal sensor' (confidence: 5)

Driver `jc42':
  * Bus `SMBus I801 adapter at 3000'
    Busdriver `i2c_i801', I2C address 0x18
    Chip `jc42' (confidence: 6)
  * Bus `SMBus I801 adapter at 3000'
    Busdriver `i2c_i801', I2C address 0x1c
    Chip `jc42' (confidence: 6)

Driver `coretemp':
  * Chip `Intel digital thermal sensor' (confidence: 9)

Note: there is no driver for IPMI BMC KCS yet.
Check http://www.lm-sensors.org/wiki/Devices for updates.

Do you want to generate /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors? (yes/NO):
To load everything that is needed, add this to one of the system
initialization scripts (e.g. /etc/rc.d/rc.local):

#----cut here----
# Chip drivers
modprobe coretemp
modprobe i5500_temp
modprobe jc42
/usr/bin/sensors -s
#----cut here----

You really should try these commands right now to make sure everything
is working properly. Monitoring programs won't work until the needed
modules are loaded.


When I test the above with modprobe i5500_temp i get "modprobe: FATAL: Module i5500_temp not found."


Any chance the i5500_temp module could be added into the next unRAID release?




The Capt

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