Defect(s) Associated with Outdated Libvirt Version

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unRAID OS Version: 6.1.8




Libvirt developers have applied patches for bugs in their package. However, unRAID uses an older version of libvirt causing these bugs to still exist. One such bug was verified by me and the fix is documented here, which can be summarized as an incompatibility between libvirt's virtual TPM handling and the Linux 4.0 kernel.


I have noticed that unRAID regularly updates the libvirt package through its own updates, so the intention of this defect report is to ask that unRAID 6.2 be updated to use the latest libvirt package, which at the time of posting is 1.3.1. The specific issue referenced earlier is fixed by this version.


How to reproduce:


Try to start a VM with TPM passthrough.


Expected results:


VM starts with TPM passthrough.


Actual results:


VM fails to start.


Other information:


Alternatively/additionally, I'd love some info and/or help on how to compile libvirt myself. I managed to find all the dependencies except for yajl. I tried compiling from a SlackBuild, converting libyajl-devel from rpm, and converting libyajl-dev from deb, but nothing did the trick. Libvirt ./configure still throws an error saying I'm missing yajl library and headers.


P.S. I can provide more specific reproduction steps if necessary, but since this is a bit of a nonissue with a confirmed fix available by a third-party package I decided not to include the specifics as I usually would. Also unRAID does not support TPM out of box, but I have gotten it to work with a few kernel tweaks to include the drivers for it. I would be happy to document the steps if unRAID's developers are interested in it. Interestingly enough, a cursory (untested) evaluation of unRAID 5 indicates that TPM is supported out of box, while it is disabled in the unRAID 6 kernel out of box.

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