how to rename files?


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I searched online, and i type this:

rename -v .srt **/*.srt


I was trying to rename .srt to, but now i realise that the folders below is not affected




/shows/showB etc lots of folders


after execution the above rename command at "shows" level, it becomes becomes:



/shows/showA/somefolder/ (this remains unaffected)

/shows/showB etc lots of folders


any idea how I can fix this? i cannot use the same command again because the current files will become


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That seems good, but do they have a version that unraid can run on? My network is slow so I have to access the files directly on the server, and it's much faster too.. Besides I have some smb permissions that doesn't allow some of my folders to be directly accessible outside




the -R didn't work, I ended up doing this instead


find . -type f -name "*.srt" -exec rename .srt {} \;

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