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Never seen anything like this before .... $35k Gaming Setup !!!!????!!!!

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Clearly that's a dedicated gamer => think of the "horsepower" that quad-SLI GTX-980TI's are "putting out" !!    Along with a CPU with a PassMark of 15999 !!


A single R9 Nano (used in the "7 Gamers, 1 PC system) scores 16850 on 3DMark;  a single GTX-980TI (This system has 4 of them) scores 24190.  FOUR GTX-980TI's will do much better ... not 4x as much, but as near as I can tell they should scale up to just under twice the performance of a single one -- so perhaps 45000 or so :)    [The only test I could find showed that with 3-way SLI they scale to about 169%]


So a gamer on this system will have 3 times the graphics "oomph" as a gamer on the $30,000 "7 Gamers, 1 PC" setup  8) 8)

In addition, the gamer will have the full 15,999 PassMarks of CPU performance available, instead of 1/7th of the 29861 PassMarks that a pair of E5-2697's provide (i.e. about 4265 PassMarks/gamer).    Note also that this system provides about 2,000 PassMarks per core, compared to 1066 PassMarks per core on the 7-gamer's system.


So ... with roughly 4 times the CPU power, 3 times the GPU power, and twice as much CPU power/core as a gamer on the 7 gamers system would have, this is indeed an amazing build !!    Not sure my ears could handle the awesome sound system he's built into this, however  :)

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... and since the only games I ever play on my PC are Bridge (online -- a LOT);  an occasional game of Solitaire (typically Spider 2-suits) and on rare occasions one of the older Windows games (e.g. MineSweeper, Hearts, or FreeCell),  I suspect I wouldn't get my money's worth from this system  :)


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What game would actually take advantage of all that power anyhow?


I don't know which specific game(s), but I do know the serious gamers are always looking at the fps they can achieve on the "shooters" ... and will pay prodigious amounts of money to gain just a few more frames/second !!


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I would rather spend $35k on nice car.


Agree -- but we all have own prejudices r.e. what we're willing to spend $$ on and what we're not.    Clearly the guy who built that system wanted an absolutely crazy-top-of-the-line gaming system  :)    I once spent a small fortune on a car (Porsche 911) ... at a time when I really couldn't afford it -- and now that I could easily afford one I have no desire for it.  Your perspective can definitely evolve (and change) over the years ...


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