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Troubleshoot possible Kernel Panic


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I think I might be having kernel panics in relation to my server randomly shutting off. I tried to search for the answer and found a good question

How can you actually diagnose an unRAID system, if syslog gets removed on a reboot?


I never saw an answer. How can I troubleshoot my system if I think I'm having kernel panics. System shuts off and when I start it up again the syslog is of course wiped.

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Kernel panics don't typically shut the machine off.  Power problems could, and overheating, and possibly RAM issues or MCE's (machine check events, a serious hardware issue was detected).  You can install the Powerdown plugin, which will save the syslog in /boot/logs, but that won't help if it isn't a controlled shut down.  If possible and you know how to 'provoke' the crash/crisis, sitting at the console with a tail of the syslog running can sometimes provide clues.


Failing that, you can run Memtest, and check for overheating issues, and test/replace the PSU.  You might simplify your installation, disable all addons, try to isolate the conditions necessary for crashing.

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