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8 hours ago, Squid said:

Show me a screenshot.  And what version of unraid?

I would. Last night It did that, but now that error message is gone. Here is a mail it sent to me:


Event: Fix Common Problems - unraid
Subject: Warnings have been found with your server.(unraid)
Description: Investigate at Settings / User Utilities / Fix Common Problems
Importance: warning

**** The plugin UnraidDVB.plg is not known to Community Applications and is possibly incompatible with your server ****   


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I am facing a problem I have installed the plugin.

With the hope that Sundtek Media III DVBC stick works with it.
I had already read that it should work with it.
But if I look in the DVB plugin, no adapter is found.

I have installed version 6.8.2 of LibreELEC.

Do I have to install a driver or is the DVB plugin sufficient.

Hope you have a tip.

Regards Maggi

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the plugin installs a build with drivers, so no additionel drivers can be installed sep. ...


u can try a diff build then libreelec to see if another one may works, and make sure your usb is in a free unraid usb slot and not maybe in a usb card which passed to a vm or so ...

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So I tried it with the LibreELEC 6.8.0 and TBS.

Then I looked to see if the USB port was occupied, but I didn't find anything.

Can you somehow look it up again?


I have now tested it on another computer and went down to 6.7.2.
But no device is found. When I look in the VMS, the device is also displayed there, but it is not in the Plungin DBV. Only the kernel etc.


Regards Maggi

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9 minutes ago, CHBMB said:

v6.8.3 done


Apologies, thought I'd done this at release time, but apparently I hadn't.  Life been a bit hectic.

Wow talk about perfect timing! I just upgraded to 6.8.3 (this afternoon) and realized it broke my drivers. Thank you so much! Going to give it a try now!

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33 minutes ago, Maggi0r said:

Ok, does that mean that I have to install the driver myself on the Unraid or how?

Which sticks support DVB unRaid?


Regards Maggi

so, you may be able to install it yourself, but I can't help you with that as I have little time and can't support it.  They have a support forum here https://support.sundtek.de/


From what I can tell you need to pull a script based install and run that, whether that will work on Slackware without having to work out and install dependencies I couldn't say, I tried running it on my Unraid virtual machine and it appeared to work, but I have no way of testing.

You'd need to install it at every boot.

You may or may not need the LibreELEC build preinstalled as I'm unsure whether it needs anything from the DVB kernel or not.

cd /tmp

wget http://sundtek.de/media/sundtek_netinst.sh

chmod 777 sundtek_netinst.sh ./sundtek_netinst.sh


Any more questions and I can't help at all, this is beyond what I can reasonably support and completely different to how Linux drivers normally work from what I can read.  I don't know if you can pass the drivers through to a docker container or not.


As far as a supported DVB-C USB device on Linux then you'd need to either look on the Linux Tv site or preferably find someone on these forums that can confirm a working model.


DVB support on Linux is a bit of a mess overall.

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10 hours ago, CHBMB said:

v6.8.3 done


Apologies, thought I'd done this at release time, but apparently I hadn't.  Life been a bit hectic.

Thanks!  I read somewhere that you were 'busy' so I wasn't concerned!

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2 minutes ago, natiz said:

Is there a guide on how to compile the kernel?


Compiling is the easy part. It's the bundling back into unraid's bzroot, bzimage. and bzmodules that's more detailed. On the forums and likely even in this very thread was a few discussions and scripts mentioned but from older moments in time. Best of luck searching and finding them, but they exist somewhere. 


General guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Compile-the-Linux-Kernel

OLD guide from OLD unraid on HDD - https://wiki.unraid.net/Installing_unRAID_on_a_full_Slackware_distro#Build_a_new_Linux_kernel




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Thanks for the info, @BRiT.


I found a workaround, updated to the TBS OS build, and used mksquashfs to append the missing fw file (dvb-demod-m88rs6000.fw) to bzfirmware and it worked! :)

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On 5/13/2020 at 9:13 PM, natiz said:

Is there a guide on how to compile the kernel?

I am looking to add the https://github.com/LibreELEC/dvb-firmware/blob/master/firmware/dvb-demod-m88rs6000.fw package to TBS version.

I currently use the TBS CrazyCat build, but it seems its not updated anymore.

This would allow me to use TBS6281SE for DVB-C and DVBSKy S952 V3 for DVB-S.

CrazyCat removed his source code.  Nothing I can do about that.  I tried building what he has left against the TBS stuff, but no dice.

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