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unRAID DVB Edition

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7 minutes ago, memphisto said:

I use DVBSky T330 with latest TVH docker and works fine...

What version of DVB edition you are runnnig?
6.6.6v2 above? And what release ( Libreelec, TBS or Crazycat)?

Thanks for your feedback, so here will work good to! Good News!

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47 minutes ago, memphisto said:

Everything latest :) Libreelec package.

Thanks a lot for your info memphisto :D
DVBSky T330 working PERFECT NOW!!!

I download

On 12/7/2018 at 4:50 AM, piotrasd said:

New build v2 on the way ;)


UPDATE - done 

please test it https://www.sendspace.com/file/4642ak

all others which don't work before also please check 

And Used the Libreelec version! :D:D:D

Thanks for support
@alturismo and @memphisto

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from my experience I know the cx23885 module doesn't really like VM pcie passthrough, I think I somehow solved that by switching off MSI for that PCIE on mainboard, but that was ages ago and I don't remember details. anyway with Docker you shouldn't experience any issue, and taking less resources (RAM, CPU, etc) than separate VM.

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