Synology VM over unRAID

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HI to everyone.

I have Xpenology VM with NFS mount from unraid Host, work fine but the performance is poor I only get 30MB-60MB/s of upload-download.

I wanted the hard drive unraid system + Xpenology web UI.


for online it's work pretty fine but if I planing of use smb/NFS from xpenology in LAN performance it's poor. I have the network in e1000 because the virtio driver is not recognized by xpenology

and the HDD is in SCSI driver because the virtio is not recognized too.


Any of you have the same system as me? do you know how to improve the speed? Thank you guys.

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Yes, I have a similar set up. But I'm using an "unassigned device" 4TB HDD passing through to Synology. I have the same as you with the HDD driver quirk.


I think the speed you're getting is consistent to the speeds I'm seeing from my synology VM.


The main limitation is that the e1000 emulated NIC requires a lot of CPU, the rtl8139 (or something like that) emulated NIC is worse still.


I would love to not have to use the emulated NIC with synology, but no idea how to install the drivers into synology, I'm sure it's possible, but my *nix skills are no where near that level.


I have a significantly more powerful CPU than you, and get around 1.5gbit with the CPU sitting at full load. I'm okay with that for my usage scenario.


I applaud your ethos of the low power consumption system though, How many watts is it eating?

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