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MBD-X9DBL dual Chip set up.

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Hi Guys,


So I was having some issues with my unraid setup and I got some help here in this thread:


Thanks to the advice given and some exploration, I came to the conclusion that there was a hardware issue in the system.


Since then I have tried a number of different RAM setups both ECC and non-ECC to be sure I didnt have a faulty stick.

The moment I took out both CPUs and put the one from CPU-1 to CPU-0 then booted up with only one CPU and 1 stick of the original Samsung Registered ECC RAM, I no longer seem to get any issues with memcheck. I then plugged all the drives back in and stuck another 2 sticks of RAM in and everything was not just fine, it also seems to be running faster than ever before.


I will experiment with the hardware a little more so that I can be sure what the issue is, but seeing as this is my first time building a dual CPU system and my first time with Supermicro, I was wondering if anyone with a bit more experience had any advise on things to check/look out for. Perhaps BIOS settings or jumpers that might be relevant.


I really hope it is just something simple and daft.

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