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Wheres my downloads?  i  been reading and tought i set my downloads and watch folder ect  ect 

/downloads  /mnt/user/Downloads/Torrents/
/watch  /mnt/user/Downloads/Torrents/Watch
/config  /mnt/user/appdata/activ-transmissionvpn
/data  /mnt/user/Downloads/Torrents/


i see /home/nobody/Downloads when i try to download , it downloads but cant find my files it downloads 

if i set download i get this "Permission denied (/mnt/user/Downloads/Torrents/torrentfile)


i need this to work its first time i see a web ui , and it connected to my vpn , i tryed using filezilla to find the file and nothink:(


help please

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11 hours ago, killeriq said:

Hi guys,


I have again problem - drives me nuts :D

Soon as ive finally setup docker,vpn moved torrents etc... I got BAN on one of the Trackers im using. As they are only allowing Transmission 2.04 (if im not misataken)

How to downgrade in Docker?




Sorry, there is no feature in the docker at the moment to specify a version. You would have to create your own version. If I mess with the scripts again I might have a look at implementing that.

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Think you need to read up on permission on the docker website. I expect you didn't map the user correctly.

I posted the maps I used in my first post it created the watch folder and download folder has read and write permissions looks like 1 capital letter stumped it

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Hi Hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have transmissionVPN and sonarr installed, set up and working with airvpn. I tell sonarr to grap an episode of something. It does and I can see it in transmission downloading. But I check in the downloads folder and there are no files. From what I have read it may be a Volume Mappings problem. It was working fine when I was using Transmission as oposed to TransmissionVPN.


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3 hours ago, demon1 said:

From what I have read it may be a Volume Mappings problem.

Yep. Pick either /data or /downloads and change them all to be the same. Since you are changing the app side you will need to hit the edit button on the mapping to change it. After you change the mapping, be sure to change the app itself to look in the correct folder.

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Hi jonathanm, thanks for the response. I have done as you said above and changed all the container path's to  /data and host path's to /mnt/user/Downloads/temp creating a temp file in Downloads. Still no sign of any download files in the new directory.



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Just verifying, what is your "download-dir" path in your settings.json file?


If its "download-dir": "/downloads" then use "/downloads" as your Host Path.


If your downloads folder is on your cache drive, ex. "/mnt/cache/Downloads" , try using "cache" in the path vs "user"


We'll get this figured out!

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If this is any help, from what I can remember I did this to setup:



"download-dir": "/downloads/complete",
"download-queue-enabled": true,


"incomplete-dir": "/downloads/incomplete",
"incomplete-dir-enabled": true,


"umask": 2,


In /mnt/cache/Downloads/ I let Transmission create the "complete" and "incomplete" (torrent.part files) folders.



/downloads --> /mnt/cache/Downloads/



/downloads --> /mnt/user/Downloads/

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your help

the path listing in settings.json was "user/nobody/downloads" or something like that, I have changed it to


 "download-dir": "/downloads/complete",
 "download-queue-enabled": true,
  "incomplete-dir": "/downloads/incomplete",
  "incomplete-dir-enabled": true,


In sonarr and Trasmission I have tried


/data --> /mnt/user/downloads/

/downloads --> /mnt/user/downloads/



I can see in the unraid gui under share's a new share called "downloads", but I cannot see it in windows explorer. I have changed the container path from "data" to "downloads" to no avail. I am not using the cache for this folder, . Its quite frustrating as I know its close to working.

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I'm really sorry, I mistyped above with this statement about your JSON file:

If its "download-dir": "/downloads" then use "/downloads" as your Host Path.


I meant "/downloads" should be your Container path, not Host Path!  My bad.


Anyways, if you're using this in Transmission now:

"download-dir": "/downloads/complete",
"download-queue-enabled": true,


"incomplete-dir": "/downloads/incomplete",
"incomplete-dir-enabled": true,


Its looking for a folder "downloads" (with a lower case "d") in the docker container:


/downloads --> /mnt/user/downloads/


If you already have a downloads share created named "Downloads" with a capital "D", then use this for Transmission (you should also have "Downloads" referenced in Sonarr):


/downloads --> /mnt/user/Downloads/


When you set it as this:

/downloads --> /mnt/user/downloads/


It created the share "downloads" with a lower case "d"


Make the changes above to reference "Downloads" with a capital "D" and then delete the "downloads" share with the lower case "d"


If you're using Windows to find the share on the network, I don't think it can distinguish between "Downloads" and "downloads".


I think that should do it!

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Hi Again,


            So its now downloading and I can see the file in the incomplete & complete folders. However it is creating an extra folder so my download path looks like data/ _2X68Q~7/complete. All is fine except it breaks the mover service in sonarr which is looking for data/complete/filename for which the automation is half the point!

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