Are Cron Jobs Logged?

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Are cron jobs logged? I'm looking in System Log found under Tools, but I'm not finding any entries where cron jobs are executed. Are they being logged else where by chance? I have a custom job that is running and I was sort of expecting when it ran that I would find an entry in the system log, but that doesn't appear to be happening and I know the cron job is working right. Perhaps this has been addressed in another thread, but I wasn't able to find it if so. Thanx for any information that anyone can provide...

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Thank you for the reply...but, this seems odd to me. Cron jobs are typically logged to syslog as a standard and of course can be configured to log else where if desired. In the case of unRaid, if it's up to the user to setup logging to show that the cron job executed (not the results or output of what was run, just the fact that that cron job ran) would also mean that the user wouldn't be able the use the interface of unRaid to see that...unless the user has the ability to send custom logging to the unRaid System Log (this can probably be done, but haven't really dug into it). This seems like an oversight to me...IMHO cron job execution should be part of the system log as a default configuration. Just my 2 cents...thanx!

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