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ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

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Ok, try this then.


Use the same settings as I mentioned in the previous post, then


- Go to Settings > Credits

- After the react native credits, you’ll find a debug button, hit it once (counter should read 1)

- Now try connecting manually (you should see a ‘debug initialized ‘ message at the bottom)

- It should go back to the main screen

- Go to manual add again

- It should be displaying some debug message

- Take a screenshot and send it over (pm if you prefer)


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I can't see Settings>Credits. Here's a screenshot of my Settings menudbea43c496bcb1c583d149abfffb7335.jpg

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Sorry, it's Settings > Open Source Libraries.


By the way, the app has an issue with the OnePlus android devices, text is clipped, because they use a proprietary font.


If you change the system font to Robot, you'll see the text no longer clips (as in the Settin... above)

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I've taken your advice and changed the font. I've also done as you've asked and pm'd you the debug output

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Good evening,

I am running v4.10.0 of the ControlR application and noticed that the CPU temperature reading is showing up in Celsius but with the Fahrenheit symbol as well. Has this yet been reported? I checked back a few pages and didn’t see it. My unRAID box is configured for Fahrenheit.


Thank you,

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I'm working on adding basic support (limited display-only) for unassigned devices into the app.
I could really use some sample data to better understand different scenarios.
If you're using the app, unassigned devices and would like to help, please follow the instructions at https://github.com/jbrodriguez/controlr-support
IMPORTANT: Make sure you're running Unassigned Devices v2019.06.10 or above.

Have you gotten any data from someone? or else i will send you something when i get home tomorrow.
I have unassigned with 1 hdd, 1 ssd and 1 networkshare.
I would love to have UD in your app.

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