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[SUPPORT] pihole for unRaid - Spants repo

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cant get pihole to work since this new template tryed everyway i can thing of but iam unable to get it to work with my pfsense box. unraid Version: 6.8.0-rc9

if there is anyone out there using pfsense with the new template and this version of unraid and can make it work plz tell me how thanks

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I wanted to use this pihole docker as my second dns server, i already have a hardware raspberry pi as my main pihole dns, but having a backup is always good.

I was wondering how i could change hostname of this pihole installation?

I was hoping to simply ssh in and change /etc/hostname to whatever i wanted but there is no editor included in the docker so unsure how i would accomplish this.






Figured it out:

ssh into the docker

cp /etc/hostname /etc/pihole/


ssh into your unraid install

nano /mnt/cache/appdata/pihole/pihole/hostname

changename + save


ssh back into the docker

cp /etc/pihole/hostname /etc/



Wont survive docker container restart :( damn.


EDIT One More time!

added --hostname pihole2 to the run command in docker, seems to work!

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you can install your favourite editor (nano, vim, emacs)

apt-get update
apt-get install nano


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I just wanted to share a trick I used to have hostnames show up in the Pihole Dashboard for my local devices instead of IP addresses. Like this:




First make a copy of the /etc/hosts file in the PiHole container and place it in the app data folder on the host where you can modify it to suit your local LAN.

Then I just added a volume mount via the docker template page to link the two files





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