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My garbage could be your gold ( or your slightly less garbage ).


No shipping.  Can deliver along the 400 series highways depending upon my work schedule.  If you don't know where Niagara is or what a 400 series highway is, then you're SOL


Pair of Chenbro SAS expanders. - They work


Pair of Etasis Redundant Power Supplies - Unknown


3 24 port 100M switches (unmanaged) - They work


Also have a pair of 1U servers unknown operating status


And an old Rackable Systems 4U case w/16 hotswap bays - mobo, memory, redundant supplies included.  Heat sink missing, never turned the thing on after I found it.







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Could you provide a little more info/picture on the rackable?


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Its free... Nothing to lose lol...  Less aggravation for me to give it away than to research what the stuff may actually be worth and ebay it...  Nobody wants it its going to electronics recycling. 


This isn't even the tip of the iceberg.  Could probably outfit a whole computer lab.  Just trying to clean up my basement a bit.


No idea if its right, but this is the tag.  Also comes with a spare mobo populated (And those 2 extra P/S are for it also)







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