Docker containers not getting updates?


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When I started using unraid almost year ago I used to check my docker containers for updates weekly, and every week there was at least 1 container that needed to be updated to a newer version


However, I've noticed that for the past 2 months whenever I check for updates, no update has been available for any containers as they are all always 'up-to-date'


I'm wondering if this is a bug, or if something changed in unraid that is causing it to say there are no updates, even if there might be? Plugin updating (e.g. community applications) seems to be fine as I see updates every now and then


Given I used to update containers almost weekly it seems strange that for a 2 month stretch no updates have been available for any of them. Is there a way to manually check (outside of the unraid/docker interface) whether an update is available for a given container?


I recently had an issue with nginx-letsencrypt where it wasn't autorenewing my SSL certificate. Turns out that was a bug that was fixed in the most recent version of the container, however, no container update was available and I had to manually reinstall it. So clearly in that case there was a newer version of the container available but unraid wasnt seeing it


This is on unraid 6.1.9, and the containers I have set up are:

- couchpotato (needo)

- ddclient (captinsano)

- delugevpn (binhex)

- embyserver (emby)

- nginx-letsencrypt (aptalca)

- openvpn access server (linuxserver)

- sonarr (needo)

- zoneminder (aptalca)

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