VLANs DHCP assistance?

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Thanks to Limetech we now have VLAN support in UnRAID! With this I'm now able to do what I've wanted for a long time. My Ubiquiti Edge Pro router is crap when it comes to dhcp. reserving an IP for a single machine results in that machine having difficulty communicating with the rest of the network. DNS doesn't work correctly, broadcast stuff seems wonky (no steamlink, or chromecasts found when scanning), its a PITA.


I want to create a DHCP/DNS docker, but with multi-vlan support. I see an enable vlans option in networking. Is that required for the system to read vlan tagging? Also, will the docker be able to capture broadcasts/requests for addresses since its usually ports that are funneled to the docker? Do I need to add the vlans in unraid? or should I just add the vlans in docker? I'm doing this for multiple reasons. one to learn, and two because I need a multi-vlan dhcp server. In the future I wouldn't be opposed to allowing Unraid act as my dhcp server, but I'd really like to learn how to do this.


Thanks guys,


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