Upgrade from 6.1.9 to 6.2.0 went wrong - Disks unmountable, parity drive unknown


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Hello everyone


As I saw that the 6.2.0 stable release was here, I wanted to update my unRAID server. As per the recommended way I check for updates in the plugin screen and decided to first apply the updates of all other plugins to minimise compatibility issues. I then updated the unRAID OS itself.


In the update of unRAID OS itself, somehow something went wrong. I don't have a screenshot and can't recall it specifically but I saw an error which mentioned problems copying a file (using copy() function).

With the update applied badly, almost all screens in the webGUI were now blank. Not blank in a total white page, but blank like this:

I figured this was not a big deal, as I could just do a manual update. I downloaded the zipfile from the site and pasted the contents into the existing flashdrive. By wanting to solve the problem in a few minutes and thus moving too quickly, I thereby erased my config. While this means a bit of work to set everything up again, I know this is no reason to panic because I still have my data.


Next, I went about setting everything up again. This time being more cautious and not fully knowing what to do I turned to google and found out my first problem: I don't know which drive was the parity drive.

From what I found this didn't seem to be a problem as long as I was careful and didn't assign a data drive to the parity slot. As such, I thought I could isolate the parity drive by assigning my data drives to the slots and seeing what was on it, if it would mount at all.

Working this out, I ran into my 2nd problem: 3 of my 4 drives (one of which is parity, yet undetermined) are reported as 'unmountable' by unraid.


That's the point where I'm at and google (and the forums) aren't giving me a clear idea on what to try next. From what I could gather though, the situation doesn't seem all that bad and can be saved.

Can someone guide me through the required steps and get my server up and running again?

I have not attached any logs and/or diagnostics yet, as I'm unsure which are needed to troubleshoot this situation. Any system info you need or logs you'd like to see, I'll be happy to provide it.



- Upgrade from 6.1.9 -> 6.2.0 went wrong

- Did manual update, but overwrited all files, effectively erasing existing config

- Have no backup of config and as such, no idea of previous disk arrangement (don't know which drive is parity)

- Have not formatted disks or assigned drives to parity slot, so data (as well as parity) should be intact

- 3 of 4 disks show up as unmountable


How do I move forward?

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Some of your disks have more than one filesystem, so auto won't work, set them all to the correct filesystem, the one left unmountable is parity.


I think parity is this one:




But check to confirm.

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On the syslog:


Sep 16 05:40:51 Tower root: mount: /dev/md3: more filesystems detected. This should not happen,
Sep 16 05:40:51 Tower root:        use -t <type> to explicitly specify the filesystem type or
Sep 16 05:40:51 Tower root:        use wipefs( to clean up the device.


This happens when the disk had a different filesystem and the quick format to XFS doesn't completely clean it, it's not an issue if you set the correct filesystem, you just have to remember that any time you do a new config in the future you need to do the same.

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