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I used Dell GX290 computer with 2.8Ghz Pentium processor and 2Gb RAM to build basic unRaid server.

Initially I had 2 750Gb SATA drives that worked perfectly and today I wanted to add 320Gb PATA drive to increase disk space a bit.

To my surprise even though unRaid sees the 320Gb drive it doesn't do anything with it as there are apparent problems with 320Gb hard drive or maybe IDE controller upon boot up.

I'm attaching complete log in hopes someone can help me figure out what needs to be done.



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Gents, preclear did not run properly indicating some problems with drive according to SMART so I threw in 40Gb drive and low and behold after assigning to array drive started to clear, log is clean.

I can't believe that 320gb drive is dead. It was just working in my xbox. Is it possible that it's not dead and something can be done?

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How come there is a reference to the pre-clear script - shouldnt Unraid peform a pre-clear by default?


Yes, unRAID will clear it.  Kind of.  But while it's doing that, your array will be down, which on some disks may take 20 hours or so.

So you need a tool that wil prepare your disk off-line.  Read this post, it explains a lot:



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Because of the usage pattern in a dedicated system like an XBox, you could have significant bit-rot on the formatting info in certain locations.


If you are a hell-bent on reviving the drive, (it might make a good cache drive, but I wouldn't trust it with critical data), set up a machine that can boot DOS.  Then get a copy of HDD Regenerator:


You don't need to buy it right off the bat... the eval will run until it finds a bad spot, and repair it, then quit.  Then you can restart HDDREG, tell it to restart at a position close to where it stopped, and continue.  Repeat as needed.


I have revived several drives this way that would not format or even partition, and then used them in non-critical operations.

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Well, if the only problem with a drive is that it is locked then unlocking and using it would be ok by me, if it is really dead I still have warranty until 2012. I guess I win either way :)

I just need to figure out if problems in a log and Seatools where due to drive being locked or they are genuine drive failure problems.

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