modbus-usb support in apcupsd


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APC is starting to support the open modbus protocol over USB in their Smart-UPS line. In the newest devices, modbus provides much more data than the proprietary protocol that the USB interface uses by default in apcupsd. I think as more users start purchasing these modbus-enabled APC devices, this feature will be a very helpful addition to unRAID.


In order to support this new protocol, apcupsd needs to be built with the './configure --modbus-usb' flag. The binary in unRAID as of version 6.1.9 does not appear to have been built with this flag.


I'd like to request that this be included in future versions of unRAID.



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On 2017-1-6 at 10:21 PM, highspeed said:

For those interested, I created a slackbuild for unRAID that includes the --modbus-usb flag. You can put it in /boot/extra and it will overwrite the LT-supplied binary at boot, providing modbus support and upgrading to the latest apcupsd 3.14.14

Think the file is missing, and it sounds like this is exactly what I need to get Modbus operational. is this still available somewhere?

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