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Hi, i'm in a bit of trouble. I replaced a fan in a norco 5in3 cage yesterday, blew all the dust out and tied up sata cables yesterday.


This morning i noticed disk 4 was disabled.. ok probably just a loose cable i'm thinking. did the stop remove readd thing, checked smart and did a short smart, all fine. so started a rebuild.


10mins later it was disabled again, grrr, dicky cable i'm thinking now. so moved the drive to a spare slot. Restarted it, half an hour in still running all good i'm thinking.


Just checked it again, a good hour later, and parity 1 (have 2 parities) and disk 2 are disabled now as well.. shiiiit


Shut down hope that wasn't a bad move. checked all cabling.. going to buy all new cables i think now. restarted and still at the same parity 1 and disk 2 red cross. disk 4 is actually showing orange emulated atm.


Both 2 and 4 under used data says unmountable.


Now the data on disk 4 is i'm sure out of wack after it had a rebuild running on it.


But i do know that parity 1 and disk 2's data is fine atm. What can i do how can i force it to reaccept the 2 disks back into the array without loosing data at this point?


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This should work (assuming all disks are indeed healthy):


-take a screenshot of current array

-tools -> new config

-assign all disks to the original slots, double check all assignments, order is important to keep parity2 valid.

-very important, check the box "parity is already valid" before starting array

-start array

-stop array

-unassign disk4 (select "no device") and start array

-check that the emulated disk4 mounts and data looks OK

-if all looks good, stop array, re-assign disk4 and start array to beguin rebuild

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