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New MB Randomly crashes

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Recently I swapped out my Supermicro MB and i3 540 for something will the little more power.  I bough an Asrock x99 extreme6 and an Intel e5 2670v3 ES with 24GB of ram.  I completed the swap of parts and added an extra AMD R7700 for graphics.  Took forever to find a USB port that was recognized for booting, but finally I was able to get the system to boot properly.  At this time I also upgraded from unRaid 6.2-rc4 to 6.2 and everything seemed to be fine.  I started this upgrade because my old CPU was struggling to preclear 2 new 6TB drives, so I thought the extra CPU power would be a good thing.  Got everything updated in the plugins department and went to town preclearing the new drives.  I went to sleep that night and when I woke up my server was frozen.  I have done some investigation after this went on for multiple days both while preclearing and while the server was idle.  I finally got fed up with the issues and ran memtest, which apparently I forgot to run months ago when I got the hardware.  My No1 ram stick was really bad.  I pulled it and went down to 2 8GB sticks.  I found the memory issues last night, so after booting back up I started preclearing 2 more 6TB drives.  This morning I woke up and checked the status, unRaid was unresponsive.  I didn't get a chance to check anything until just now after work.  I have attached a screenshot of what was on my monitor at the time, as well as the diagnostics file.  I know hardware problems can be tricky to diagnose, but I am wondering if its something I may have set up incorrectly in the UEFI.  I have an odd setup where I have 12 drives inside the case with 8 hooked up to a Supermicro AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 and four on the MB sata ports.  I have an additional 15 drives plugged into a DAS unit running to an internal Lsi Sas 9212-4I4E card.  Nothing about the HBA's/Drive layout has changed since the MB swap, so I don't think its the issue, but I am willing to investigate as much as I can.  Any Ideas?


UnRaid Box

Unraid 6.2 ° Asus x99 extreme6 ° Intel E52670v3ES ° 16GB Patriot DDR4 ° Corsair 850 PSU ° 6TB Toshiba Parity 1 ° 4TB Seagate Parity 2 ° 18 4TB Data drives XFS ° 2 6TB and 4 2TB drives in UA Devices

° 1TB Cache Drive ° AMD R7700 GPU ° No Dockers running at time but installed ° No VM's running at time but installed



Anything I forgot?



PS - I have fix common problems, one error regarding placement of my docker image, I just haven't gotten around to moving it yet.

Sorry for the rotation on the photo, I didn't catch that at upload


Update 1:

Server has been running for 5 hours now, I found a post from RobJ about enableing troubleshooting mode in the Fix Common Problems plugin, so I turned that on.  Guess that should have been one of my first steps.  With that running I have restarted both preclears on my free 6TB drives.  Hopefully I will be able to add more information tomorrow after work.





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